Single Girder Bridge Cranes

With capacities from 1 up to 5 tons and spans of up to 58 feet, single girder cranes make material handling easy and safe. An electric chain hoist makes for an economic solution when a wire rope hoist is not necessary. All operations are controlled by a push-button pendant station supported from an independent sliding track. If you require the crane to be operated from radio remote control we can offer that also. Typical options may include but are not limited to: variable frequency control, radio remote control, dual hoist arrangements.

Double Girder Bridge Cranes

A typical Double Girder Crane has capacities greater than 15 tons with spans greater than 60 ft.; or when max hook height is required. Accent Sales and Service has manufactured cranes up to 180 ft. long with capacities as high as 250 tons. Our Double Girder Cranes can be built up to a Class "E" service factor.

Gantry Cranes

This is a type of crane built atop a gantry, which is a structure used to straddle an object or workspace. They are also called portal cranes, the "portal" being the empty space straddled by the gantry.

The terms gantry crane and overhead crane (or bridge crane) are often used interchangeably, as both types of crane straddle their workload. The usual distinction drawn between the two is that with gantry cranes, the entire structure (including gantry) is usually wheeled (often on rails). By contrast, the supporting structure of an overhead crane is fixed in location, often in the form of the walls or ceiling of a building, to which is attached a movable hoist running overhead along a rail or beam (which may itself move). Further confusing the issue is that gantry cranes may also incorporate a movable beam-mounted hoist in addition to the entire structure being wheeled, and some overhead cranes are suspended from a freestanding gantry.

Free Standing Jib Cranes

Jib Cranes consist of a horizontal load supporting boom, which is attached to a pivoting vertical column that is either free standing or building mounted. They enable lifting and lowering of a load within a fixed arc of rotation. Jib Cranes can be provided in a variety of capacities and configurations including motorized rotation. Free Standing Jib Cranes are engineered to stand by themselves on a concrete foundation without building support. They allow for 360˚ rotation and can be base plate mounted, foundation mounted, or sleeve insert mounted. Standard capacities are from 1/2 to 5 tons. Special orders are possible up to 15 tons.

Wall Bracket Jib Cranes

Wall Mounted Jib Cranes are capable of 200˚ rotation. Their design can be either cantilever or tie rod supported. Wall Mounted Jib Cranes offer an economical alternative to Mast or Free Standing jibs, and with capacities standard up to 5 tons. Special capacities and longer spans are also possible.

Work Station Cranes

For operations that require workers to make precise, repetitive movements, our workstation crane systems offer an ergonomic and cost effective option, without the architectural investments involved with installing an overhead crane. Depending on the requirements, our Workstation cranes with standard profile sizes and bolt-on connections can be installed quickly, sometimes in less than one day. Konecranes works together with your business to minimize equipment and production downtime by installing your cranes quickly, and by adapting to the installation to your existing production schedules.